I am not Ashamed!!!

I ordered a micro fleece Snuggie tonight.  I refuse to be ashamed!!

I think the commercials are just stupid.  However, while on vacation, Mister’s sister had this amazing blanket with sleeves.  I wrapped up in when I was a little chilled and OH MY GOD I was hooked!  Not only was it incredibly warm, but I was not restricted.  I did not make coffee, knit, or play catch.  I was, however, quite comfortable adjusting my arms without having to adjust the blanket.

Despite the horrid marketing, this product is actually really good.  I should be a proud owner by the end of the week!  If you are a proud Snuggie owner, I would love to hear your Snuggie Success Story!





2 thoughts on “I am not Ashamed!!!

  1. I have a snuggie too! It’s a pink one in support of breast cancer. 🙂 They are quite nice and I’m one of those people that when I snuggle up in a blanket, my least favorite thing is one my arms have to be exposed to the air in order to do anything. @_@

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