Maybe I am He Man

On Saturday, I went out to one of my favorite clubs by myself to meet one of my friends.  He didn’t show.  Not only that, though he was texting me when I got to the club and knew I was there waiting on him, he never informed me he wasn’t coming.  Beyond the fact that this was incredibly rude – I was hurt.  Yes, yes – being a Buddhist, I should have accepted it as the way things are and blissfully moved on.  I didn’t.

When I went out, I felt great!  I looked good, felt good, and was going to have a good time hanging out with my friends.  After getting stood up, however, I felt bad – ugly, unappreciated, and lonely.  My night took a nose dive.

Looking back, I can see that those feelings do not line up with reality.  Nothing about me changed that night.  From the time I left my home to the time I got back, I was the same adorable, fun, witty, and charming guy.  The only thing that changed was my perception.  I gave another person a great deal of power over me that night.  Well…no more.

I have the power!” ~ He Man

I failed Saturday night.  I failed to hang on to the fact that I am an amazing person.  A rock doesn’t get upset when a bird shits on it, because the rock is not affected – it’s nature doesn’t change.  I intend to no longer be affected by the actions of others, because my nature will not be affected by them.  I have that power.

Maybe I am He Man…but I doubt I would look as dashing in a leather harness and bearskin briefs.


5 thoughts on “Maybe I am He Man

  1. I need to see you in the leather harness and bear skin briefs to form my own opinion. 🙂 And I know what you mean about giving others the power over you..I have got to the point that i just don’t take it personally and let it fall back on the other person. 🙂

  2. I hope you don’t mind, through a google search I found your He-man picture because I wanted one for a new blog post I was working on. I wanted to check back on the source of where it originally came from and be sure I did what I could to give credit so in the event some got bent out of shape, they’d know I wasn’t trying to be rude on purpose. I hope that’s alright with you. I know it’s just a screen capture from the series, but never hurts to make sure people are okay with what your using or doing. 🙂

    Also, it’s no fun getting stood up and it was rude of your friend not to say anything. I hope you didn’t wait too long to ask him, “So why aren’t you here yet? I can’t find you.”.

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