A Mosque at Ground Zero?

I have not been talking much about this Mosque being built near Ground Zero.  I say near Ground Zero, not at Ground Zero.  There is a distinct difference.  If you listen to the horrid discourse surrounding this plan, you would think that the Mosque was going to be built right in the middle of one of the Twin Tower’s footprint.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s also be clear:  this is not a Mosque in the traditional sense.  You will not see this in lower Manhattan:

It will look more like:

www.blogher.com says the following:

“According to the Park 51 website, the facility “will be dedicated to pluralism, service, arts and culture, education and empowerment, appreciation for our city and respect for our planet. Park51 will join New York to the world, offering a welcoming community center with multiple points of entry.  

According to an outside consultant working directly with Park 51, who agreed to speak about the project on the condition of anonymity, if built, Park 51 (a non-profit facility) would cover 150,000 square feet and stand approximately 13 to 15 stories high. The space would be divided into a prayer space for Muslims and include meeting spaces, meditation rooms, a memorial dedicated to 9/11, a spa, basketball court, swimming pool, auditorium, and classrooms offering everything from digital photography to language classes, all open to the public. The entire facility would also be green and include a garden.”

The “Mosque” is actually a community center: not a terrorist training camp.  Yes, it will be Islam-oriented, but it is not what most Americans, who have, thanks to the media conservatives that love to spread hate, learned to hate Muslims, think it is.  It is about building a community.  The space is a place were many cultures and people can come together and learn from each other and interact.  It is about building connections.  If this type of open space where religions could mingle had existed, maybe the tragedy of 9/11 would have never happened.

What seems to trouble me the most is how so many Americans are up in arms over this building.  It strikes me as odd that Anne Coulter can write hundreds of pages, do dozens of interviews and speeches attacking the families of those who died in the attacks, and no one seems to mind.  Hell, she can do a book signing right across the street from Ground Zero and she wouldn’t be harassed in the least!  And this woman HATES the widows of 9/11!  But a Mosque near ground zero – well – that’s the line!  I don’t get it.  It doesn’t make sense.  If a Baptist church wanted to build there, that would be okay.  Maybe even the Buddhists could construct a little something near Ground Zero.  It might be acceptable for the Scientologist to poke around for a place to build, but Muslims can’t?

Let me be clear:  Not all Muslims are terrorist and not all Muslims were a part of 9/11.  Muslims have a right to build a Mosque or community center where ever the law allows.  It is part of living in a free society.  Deal with it.  

For me, nothing will change whether or not the Park51 community center is built near Ground Zero or on Mars.  So, I really don’t care.  I say let them build and get over yourself.

Maybe it’s time to shut the media up.  All of the talking heads are foaming at the mouth over this insignificant construction.  Had the media not made such a big deal about it, most Americans would have never known an Islam-oriented community center existed in New York state, much less near ground zero.  And here’s the kicker: they being paid incredibly well for pissing you off.


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