Blog Series: Tips for a successful First Date: Tip #4

Tip #4 – First Dates:  Dinner is on the table, but hooking up is not!

I have marinated on this tip for a few days, because – let’s face it – first date and sex is a heavy topic and I didn’t want to rush this topic.  So, without further ado:

First dates are about connecting with your date but not in the bedroom.  First dates are awkward enough without worrying about whether or not things are going to end up in the bedroom – so take sex off the table!

This can be accomplished in several ways.  First, you can be upfront and tell them that it ain’t gonna happen.  This might be a bit direct and presumptuous.  I mean, you are assuming that sex is in their plans for the night and that may not be the case.  Another way to accomplish this is to stay public.  Just keep your date out of your pad and stay out of theirs.  If you picked your date up at their house, stay in the car when you drop them off after the date.  If they picked you up, don’t invite them in for “coffee.”

Many first dates will end with a kiss.  This is okay, but don’t get carried away!   Keep this part of the date short and simple.   A quick, sweet kiss to end a date keeps interests up and will have your date wishing for a second date.  Too much, too soon, by what I have seen, kills the momentum of dating.  From what I have been told, when sex happens too early, the momentum of relationship building fizzles.  And, since you don’t know this person very well, no matter how long you have been chatting on Yahoo, you want to take time to make sure you are making a good decision.  Now, don’t think me a prude, I know how things work.  But, I am giving tips to make a first date hopefully turn into a series of a dates and maybe a relationship.  So, don’t throw all your chips out in the first hand! 

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