Blog Series: Tips for a Successful First Date: Tip #2

Tip #2 – Leave you cell phone in the car!

 Nothing is as rude as ignoring the person who is in front of you.  So, when on a first date, leave your phone in the car!  A first date is a time when you become acquainted with a potential partner and you cannot do that with your face buried in a two by two screen.

 I was told that when some people are on a first date and things are not going well, they retreat to the phone to attempt to end the date.  This is just wrong…wrong…wrong!  Everyone, even a person with whom there is no chemistry, deserves to be treated in a kind and respectful manner.  Anyway, what are you losing?  You had to eat, so dinner was going to happen anyway.  You have already cleared your evening for the date, so there is nowhere else to be and nothing else to do: just chill out and roll with it.

 Enjoy dinner, have a conversation, and enjoy an activity with another human being.  So what if they aren’t the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life.  You are having an experience and this person was chosen by you to join in the experience.   Also, you do not know who this person knows.  They could very easily relay the story of your rude behavior to other potentials suitors, potential bosses, or other contacts you may need for networking.  Be nice, or be sorry!!

 If the date is going well, and if you followed Tip #1, it should be, nothing will kill the mood as quick as interrupting the conversation for text, twitter, email, and such.  If you want to keep the guy’s interest, then be interested and be interesting! 

 Maybe, when on a first date, you shouldn’t let your smart phone be smarter than you!  Give your utmost attention to the man sitting across from you!

 Check in tomorrow for Tip #3!  What do you think so far of this blog series?  Leave me a comment!

One thought on “Blog Series: Tips for a Successful First Date: Tip #2

  1. I have to always be accessible to my public… therefore, this is hard for me to do. btw, Tip #3 says be yourself… well being attached to my phone 24/7, even during sex, is me! 🙂


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