Blog Series: Tips for a Successful First Date: Tip #1

I have not been on a first date in over nine years!  I am letting you know that because this blog series is about how to have a successful first date.  The blog is written mainly for gay men in the dating scene, and I am taking information I have gleaned from my dear friends who are out their finding their love.  So, I am giving you five tips on how to have a successful first date.  If you like what you read, or have another opinion, please leave a comment!!

 Tip #1 – Prepare for your date.


A successful first date requires a bit of planning.  After you have popped the question and have a date scheduled, take some time to plan the date.  Do not disallow for some spontaneity, but at least, have an idea of how the date will flow.

Dinner and a movie is a no-no.  Dinner and putt-putt is great!  Have a nice dinner but follow the meal with an activity in which you will engage with your date.  This is where you will know if there is any chemistry.  You want to get to know the person you with, and you will not be able to do that sitting quietly in a theatre.  Movies are snuggling and that will come later!

Choose a restaurant to which you have been and had a great experience.  The dinner will set the mood for the entire date.  Bad service and/or bad food can actually make folks get angry: not good for a first date.  If you have not decided on going dutch, make sure you have enough cash for two meals and a generous tip.  Make you sure you know how to get to the restaurant and where to park. 

If your date is going to be in your home or car, make sure you take the time to clean and tidy the place.  It makes a guest much more comfortable if your home and car is clutter free, clean, and smells lovely.  It is a sign of respect to take the time to make sure your place and car are comfortable for your first date.

Lastly, along with making sure the car is clean; make sure your car has a full tank, inflated tires, and no functional problems.  Getting stuck on the side of the road, though romanticized in movies, is not a good time for a first date.  You want your first date to enjoy themselves and the date you have planned, make sure the car is not the deal breaker.

Planning is the first step to a successful first date and can set the tone for a successful relationship or dating experience.

Come back tomorrow for tip #2!! 

Maybe Tip #2 is the one that will change your dating life!

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