Real Love in Action is…well…Real!

Saturday morning, I went to Bojangles for breakfast.  It is a regular Saturday morning ritual.  However, this time, rather than going through the drive-through, we dined in.  We entered the establishment thinking of what we would be getting for our repast, and I noticed there was an elderly woman in line.  She already had her food in front of her.  The young black woman who was taking orders was leaned over the counter towards the elderly woman.  I thought she was verifying the order, but no, she was loving the elderly woman with all of her heart.  It didn’t take long for me to see that she was putting sugar and cream in the woman’s coffee.  It took only another minute for me to see the shaky hands of the woman, probably an octogenarian.  She could not sugar and cream her own coffee.  But here, this young woman was being attentive to her every need.  When we got behind the elderly woman, she turned around and offered us pardon because “they have to do so much for me.”  They young woman looked at me and smiled.  She finished putting cream into the coffee, along with some ice to cool it down.  The elderly woman took her order, and left.  I commented to the young woman that is was nice that she helped the woman out.  She told me that the elderly woman came in every morning and the she really loved her.  My heart swelled.  She kept an eye on the woman to make sure she didn’t drop her coffee.

After we sat down, I watch the elderly woman from the window and, after some time, she got into her car and drove away.  As soon as the young woman had a break in her line, she went to the door and checked the parking lot to make sure the elderly woman made it to her care safely.

In our world, there is a lot of problems.  There are gangs, random acts of violence, wars, poverty and all other sorts of “bad” actions.  However, in my presence, in my home city, I saw the answer to all the world’s problems: an unrequited act of love.

Maybe it is time for each of us to find just one person on which to lavish all of our love.  Maybe, it is a complete stranger.

One thought on “Real Love in Action is…well…Real!

  1. Great blog David, and you are so right. It is really awesome to see random acts of kindness, and in this case love. I will definately stay tuned

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