I am Phoebe Prince

Phoebe Prince was a promising fifteen year old woman.  She is now a part of human history because she was bullied to death.  Nine vicious, unrelenting, deplorable, malicious, vapid, and unscrupulous teenagers taunted, tormented and tortured her to the point she took her own life to escape.  The school administration did not act quickly or strongly enough, though they well knew of the abuse, to end the bullying.  Her death is on their heads and the heads of the evil nine.

Why am I Phoebe Prince?  I was a victim of bullying during middle and high school.  I know the hopelessness that comes from being without a refuge.  I am all too familiar with the pain.  I have been in the dark places Phoebe lived in her last days and hours.  I too had a plan.  Like many teenagers who are victims of intense bullying, I, at one point, planned to take my life.  Thankfully I did not.  I do not know whether it was fear of death, the love of family, or a subconscious desire to see my life unfold, but I did not execute my plan.

I, like Phoebe, had told school officials of my tormentors.  I was told, and my parents were told, that I needed to learn to defend myself.  Oddly enough, I was also told that if I got into a fight, I would be suspended.  I was left with no recourse to address the daily harassment I endured.  I know what it is like to have the people I trusted as my refuge and safety leave me to my tormentors.  What is even more dismaying is that every time I told school administrators of my torture and they did nothing, my tormentors became emboldened.  They became emboldened to the point where the abuse became physical.  I was hit in the head with a stick, and while standing in line waiting for lunch, I was groped.  The administrators, the only people who could help me, in neither situation did a single thing to stop this violence.

I know where Phoebe Prince’s mind lived.  I lived there too.  I was lucky.  I survived.  There are so many teenagers that have not and will not survive their personal hell.  In this blog, my victim’s confession, there will be no “maybe.”  No, there is no longer an option for maybe.  It is time to pass laws which criminalize bullying.  It is time to create laws that send bullies to jail.  There is no room in any school or institution for bullies.  THIS MUST END or more helpless teens will die – no – be murdered by their bullies.

Concerning the evil nine (and I know this is not my usual tone):  Throw them in jail!  Show them no mercy.  The judicial system should roll over those nine horrid, self-serving, violent, hateful monsters.  Phoebe’s parents should sue everybody!  The school is responsible for failing their daughter, and the parents of the evil nine are responsible for raising such horrible animals.  The parents of Phoebe came to this country for a better life and had it destroyed by these nasty, disgusting teenagers.

If you see someone being bullied DO SOMETHING, do anything!  Call the police, call parents, tell school officials, step in and take a stand.  Your silence, your inaction could very well be the loudest death knell ever heard.


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