Apologies and Forgiveness

I do not blog as much as I should.  It seems that an event in my life must occur to fully inspire me so that I can string together my incoherent thoughts into something people can understand and make some valid point.  There has recently been a situation between my friends that has inspired me to write this blog.  So, for your reading and my benefit, here are my thoughts on apologies and forgiveness.

I am going to make this brief.  Apologies and forgiveness have nothing to do with those to whom you offer these life changing gifts.  It is all about you.  When you apologize for some offense or offer forgiveness for some trespass, you are releasing negative energy and baggage, and you are not responsible for what they do with your gifts.  Ultimately, we can not control the thoughts, feelings, or actions of others.  We are only responsible for our own actions.

Offering an apology is a remarkable act of grace.  I had to offer an apology this week for a joke I made that caused a person pain.  Now, I did not intend to hurt their feelings, but I did.  It is the same as throwing a ball and hitting a person in the face.  You may not have intended to hit them, but you would still apologize and see if you can do anything to mitigate their pain.  It is the same in life.  Even though what you say or do is innocent and benign, but if someone gets hurt because of it, you should offer them your deepest and most sincere apology.  It clears your heart and mind and releases you from guilt.

Forgiveness is a gift given without request.  When you forgive someone for something they did to you, you are releasing from yourself all the anger and pain that action caused.  That same pain and anger sticks to you, weighing you down and causing so much stress.  It is a prison built around us, but forgiveness is the key to the door.  It is only to our benefit to offer forgiveness. 

Maybe it is time for us all to offer and accept apologies and forgiveness.  The world gives up so much baggage when we do.


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