Blogs I read…

I am still new to blogging for the most part and  I hope that my posts are enjoyable and interesting.  Well, I am starting to spend a little more time reading the blogs of other interesting writers.  I enjoy personal blogs the best of all.  Blogs centered around information or marketing are not all that interesting, in my opinion.  I guess in the end I am blog-lurking voyer!  If you want to give me information, please do so while telling me why you hate your mother, or why your teenagers are as restless and cranky as a sex starved rabbit!

Here are a few blogs which I read often and think you should read too.  Click a link, take look and leave a comment!

1. – this the blog of a friend and he covers many topics.  He usually asks some good questions.

2. – this is also a blog of a friend.  She is currently blogging about different restaurants she is visiting with her close friend James.

3.  – This is the blog of Davey Wavey.  He is a spiritual seeker and writes meaningful blogs that inspire.  He also shows up many times wearing little to nothing!  He is gorgeous!  If I were to take over America and reign as king, I would first enslave Rhode Island and make Davey Wavey part of my harum!

4. – the blog of my co-worker and good friend.  Worth a read.  She does some good research on her topics.  This is the blog of Christian woman, and some of her insights transcend religion.

5. – This is a haiku blog brought to you by a friend of a friend.  She is witty and cool.  Her blogs have some great shots taken at work which bring the haiku to life.

6. – Blog of the author of “Red Planet Noir.”  I really like his writing style.  Take a peek.

7. – This is the blog for the author of “The Death Wizard Chronicles,” a six book epic novel.

8. – Not so much a blog, but the website for Simon Doonan.  He works for Barney and is known for his eccentric style.  I adore his colorful writing!

Let me know what you think!  Also, I have added a page to my blog to starting listing the blogs I read or find interesting.  If you think I should read or include your blog, please let me know!!!

Here is a piece of free advise:  bloggers LOVE comments.  Nothing makes my day better than having someone leave me a comment.  It shows that you not only read the blog, but that it struck some chord with you.  So, do me favor:  if you visit any of the blogs listed above, leave them a quick comment.  They will appreciate it!


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