Settled Facts

I enjoy reading the Opinion page of the Greenville News and over the years, I have written several responses to different opinions.   Here lately, I have not been submitting my opinion because I think the authors of the opinions write with assumed conclusions…kind of like what I am doing here!  However, to make things clear, I have composed a list of facts that are, from my and others viewpoint, settled.  In order to have a calm discussion that will lead to real change in the current climate of this country, these topics should be considered closed.

1. God may or may not exist.  This is not provable either way and is a matter of faith.  Believe what you will and allow me to do the same.

2. Morals are personal.  You can not impose your morals on others…so just stop it.

3. Abortions have always happened and always will…legal or not.

4. John Ludwig will not serve any jail time.

5. President Obama will be president for the next three years at least.  Support and respect The Office of the President of the United States.

6. Politicians are unethical and corrupt – Democrats and Republicans alike.

7. The Tea Party Movement, which may have started based on good ideals, will not effecuate change because their manner of behavior has been ridiculous.

8. Taxes will always be raised and never lowered.  A tax break in one area will be matched with raised taxes elsewhere.  You have to pay them.

9. There will always be someone with more than you and they don’t owe you anything. 

10. The only person for whom you can affect change in their behavior is you.  Get started!

So, now that we have this all tidy and cleaned up, what is the next step?  I have a suggestion: let’s start serving each other.  Somewhere near your home, there is a soup kitchen.  In your cabinet, there is food you may have purchased which you will not use.  Put the two together and we have a start!  If you want to do more, then please, volunteer to help cook, clean, or serve.  If this doesn’t appeal to you for some reason, you can also give your time to help animals.  The Human Society of Greenville will be more than happy to have you come by and walk or bathe the dogs.  You may also donate food.  Remember, we have domesticated these animals and they depend on us. 

Maybe we spend too much time arguing about hot button issues and expend our energy in an unuseful manner.  Maybe it is time to stop worrying about things that have not changed over the many eons the world has been around and start working on problems we can fix…like empty stomachs of our neighbors or the matted fur of our chosen pets.

Hoping your hair is combed and your belly is full!


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