If I don’t have tickets, why I am worried about the drama?

Lately, there have been two stories that have just gotten under my skin and eaten at me.  The first is about John Ludwig and the second is about Tiger Woods.  Mr. Ludwig was convicted (plead guilty) to reckless homicide in the death of William Bardsley.  He walked away with probation and community service.  The sentence is currently causing quite a stir among residents in the surrounding area.  Mr. Woods was allowed to avoid talking to police after a car accident that caused damage to a fire hydrant (public property).  However, Florida law does not require that you comply with request for interviews from authorities.  So, he gets of the hook for the moment. 

What made me so mad was that the two very wealthy, well connected individuals were able to flaunt the law and skip out on the justice due them.  I mean, it REALLY, upset me.  However, I was doing some reading in the Dhammapada and ran across number 50:

“Let none find fault with others; let none see the omissions and commissions of others.  But let one see one’s own acts, done and undone.”

In the end, I reminded that:

“I am the owner of my actions (karma),
Heir to my actions, I am born of my actions, I am related to my actions and I have my actions as refuge. Whatever I do, good or evil, of that I will be the heir.”

It is good to know that I am responsible for my own actions and they are responsible for theirs.  Kamma is the great equalizer.  Even though some may escape the justice we think is due, their bad actions will result in kamma that ripens in this life or the next.

Maybe it is time for stay out of these types of discussions and thoughts.  I am making this resolution to myself…maybe a bit early.


One thought on “If I don’t have tickets, why I am worried about the drama?

  1. That’s a great resolution but it’s one that you definitely have to consciously work at on a daily basis, especially in today’s moral climate.

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