New Blog…more coming!

Here I am working on a new blog.  I have two others that are very different and show two different sides of myself.  One is a haiku page and the other is a page for my alter ego.  I have decided that since these two sides of me (and many others) live peacefully in one body, they should coexist on one blog.  My sincerest hope is that it does not become schizophrenic! 

But why blog?

I am not sure why I continually feel the urge to write.  I have never really considered myself good at it.  One some level, I think I want to share myself with others.  Connection between people, the exchange of energy is a thing of beauty.  Would I rather be meeting people face to face and exchanging ideas, thoughts and love that way?  Absolutely!  However, more and more people are moving to a less tangible media of connection: the internet.  There are a plethora of social sites that promise past connections, new connections, networking and dating.  My experience has been that the interaction never moves beyond the reach of the screen and keyboard.  We are tethered in our social interactions by an electrical cord and short battery life. 

As much as I love to meet new people, talk with friends and exchange energy and ideas on a personal level, I also like the idea of having and editorial process before my thoughts are heard; hopefully bringing some clarity to my thoughts.  So, I start a new blog and hopefully a new conversation. 

Just to note, I intend to keep the page design simple and uncluttered.  I will make use of some of my photography in the process, but it will remain simple and clean.  I want to reflect the minimalist nature of Zen Buddhism and by doing so, bring it more into my practice.

I hope you enjoy!!

Truth, Light and Glory,



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