Truth, like everything else, is a two way street…

quoth alpasia: I love truth, and I can take it as well as give it.

So, my earlier post, which I deleted, garnered quite a response.  I’m not going on Leno or anything, but let’s say some feathers got ruffled.  So, what was the outcome?  Alpasia got called out and served some truth!  Now, I am going to give the link to this blog, because I think it was a solid entry that speaks volumes.  However, there is one error that I will not tolerate:

“and a friend has decided that it is okay for him to call everyone out for whatever he wants, yet expects no one to call him out about anything.”

This just isn’t right.  I am a lover of truth in it’s many forms.  If there is ANY reason I need to be called out, by all means call it out!  I need that more than most.  If you fail to do it, that is not an indication of my unwillingness to accept it.  If you operate under this delusion, well, then you are operating under some severe misgivings.

So, you can go here and see the blog titled “An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.” -Budda. 

Yes, it is about me.  Did it hurt?  A little, but not too much.  But what it did do, was make me pause, make me think and I came to a realization.  Truth is real and needs to be spoken.  However, there are times when it should be done with a little sugar.  I am good with truth, but sometimes not so good with the tack.  I get it.  I thank the writer of the blog for being honest and delivering truth.  I offer my apology to all, and I do so sincerely.

So, leave a comment…let me know what you think.  But remember, truth is still coming, but dipped in honey.


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