Is no place sacred?

quoth alpasia:  I know you want me to buy your thing, but did you have to spray paint my dog?

I have been on Twitter for a few months now and I have been introduced or ran across several “social media experts.”  I’ve been wondering: what do they do?  I will claim my ignorance on this, and merely say what I currently think.

When I watch TV, listen to the radio (internet and terrestial), drive down the road, go the store or tweet, I am getting inundated with advertisements.  Catch phrases such as “brand building” seem to be the new vogue.  It seems that “social media experts” are now trying to introduce marketing to the social media arena via Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace among others. 

Now, I have no problem with a company advertising its goods and services in order to make money.  However, is there a line?  Is there no space where advertising isn’t appreciated?  Even church bullentins for Sunday usually have at least the denominations printing service listed at the bottom.  I understand to watch TV or listen to radio a certain amount of advertising/marketing is expected.  How else do we pay the actors, producers, writers and such the large salaries to which they are accostumed?  But now, social sites seem to be the new frontier in “branding.”  I feel like the line has been breached.  When did connecting with friends, reuniting with high school chums, or meeting new people become a demographic?  Is it neccessary to encroach on my social life to find ways to get your stuff in front of my eyes?  Isn’t the purpose of social sites to meet people, not products? 

Another question to ask is has the mass media marketing strategy killed the effectiveness of advertisment in general?  For me, I don’t read billboards, I skip ads in magazines and newspapers, I make calls or search the internet during commercials, and I unfollow those who tweet nothing but “brandbuilding” tweets.  I don’t think I am the only one.  The invention of DVR has allowed us to record shows to watch while allowing us to fast forward through the commercials.  Some ad agencies have started putting shirtless men randomly in their ads in the hope of catching the eye’s of the fast forwarder and having them stop to see “what’s that about?”

So, these are my questions.  Am I the only one that sees the problem with the gross amount of advertising we encounter daily?  Do I have to pay extra for everything in order to avoid this advertising frenzy?  In many cases, even that doesn’t stop it.  Or has corporate greed and stock holder returns become such a issue that all companies, large and small, will stop at nothing to get there wares in your face?  Even SC license plate, for which we pay to use, have an advertisement on it!  And, if any portion of the tag, including advertisement, is covered, then you are subject to be fined.

I cringe to think my poor dog may get “branded” while I walk through the park.  Or should I give in and sell sections on my dog to advertisers?  Maybe I should buy a bigger dog?  For a few moments of living, I would like to not have to decided whether or not I want to buy that.

This blog brought to you by David’s Custom Pooch Pouches…every dog needs a bag.


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