Your eyes work and you can read…now do it

quoth alpasia: baby, you ain’t Helen Keller, you can read the writing on the wall

Sometimes truth is so evident that it doesn’t have to be pointed out.  So why is it that our perception of truth gets so distorted when our feelings are involved?  Simply, feelings are powerful.  All of our hopes, dreams, likes and dislikes are formed on fleeting emotions based on uncontrollable conditions we call feelings.  They come and go, but we treat them as permanent.  We will start relationships based on lust confused as like/love and we end relationship because of anger and disappointment.  There is no reality in these fleeting feelings, because as soon as the conditions change, so do the feelings.  Now the dilemma is how to cut through the feelings and get to the truth that sits so patiently waiting for us to discover it.  Question your feelings:  is this true?  How does it make me feel?  Who would I be without this feeling?  and turn it around. (  When we cut through our delusions and feelings we can get to the hard truth.  This is where we need to be, and, I truly believe, want to be.  Don’t take my word for it.  Dig deep, turn things upside down.  Don’t run head long into anything without investigating it fully.  The writing is on the wall…you just have to take your hands of your damn eyes.


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