This is sweet Freedom…I have my Peace back

quoth alpasia: your life is your own. Last words: don’t mess it up. But now, I have reclaimed my peace! Amen!

I finally realized an issue that I have been having that has lead to so much stress for me. See, I don’t give advise, but people like to talk to me about things.  I love this!!!  It’s not that I am nosey, because I really don’t want the information.  However, this demonstrates a great deal of trust and opens a world of communication between two people.  It is a bond that becomes stronger with time as that trust deepens.  Finally, you come to know that these people who trust you and whom you trust love you regardless of your many faults.  This is lasting friendship.  I live for this!  However, there is a dark side to this kind of exchange and it involves the ego.  “I told them the truth and they are still not getting it!!”  “I told them what to say, but they didn’t say it!”  The short of it is that I know better than they do…but I don’t.  So, I am clearing the clutter and claiming my peace!  Darlings, I love you all, I will listen to whatever you need to say and I will be there for you.  However, the moment the door closes behind you, I am done!  I will go about life not worrying about you in this.  I hope you do the same.  I have my peace…I hope you have yours.  Parting words:  truth is there, look for it and us it…don’t mess it up!!! 


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