I’m not a maid, I don’t clean up your messes

quoth alpasia: when the shit hits the fan, nobody leaves smelling good. Bring your own moist towelettes.

Uncomfortable.  This is a feeling nobody wants to endure, especially when feelings are involved.  So many people I love are changing their position in this world.  Relationships are redefined.  It is painful to be a part of this sort of thing, but it also part of being in friendships.  However, friendships are a two way street that functions on understanding.  There are no hard and fast rules, there are no directional signs, there are no lines dividing the highway.  But we do have empathy and love to guide us.  When tough decisions have been made, it is best to allow everyone involved to settle into the new groove and begin to adjust to the new relationships.  Moving things along to fast is like having a person in the car and speeding so fast as to scare them.  Speeding doesn’t naturally conclude in an accident, but history has shown it can.  It increases the risks.  So, when those tough decision are made, don’t speed.  It can lead to, though not always, a disaster.  Let those who wish to be cautious to be cautious.  It is the kind thing to do.


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