Don’t spend that cash yet…

quoth alpasia: when it comes to love AND money, you aint got cash until the check is cleared, shoot.

Commitments are strange things.  They are mostly intangible, but do have certain rules, implied and otherwise.  So, what determines when breaches of those commitments have occured?  If said breaches occur, can one remedy them without full disclosure and act as if they commitments have been terminated?  I think if a commitment is made, it should be held to until such time as all parties have agreed to a mutal termination.  Does this sounds like legalize?  Yes, but let me break it down.  Just because you “feel” like things are not right does not give you liberty to go against your promised commitment.  To do so, is a violation of trust.  Once a contract breaker, always a contract breaker?  No, not completely, but there can be a whole career, as an attorney, built of off learning how to justify ones own point of view and/or actions.  So, if you get caught in this sort of thing, you do not have to seek legal counsel…no, it’s much easier: don’t count on full disclosure and guard your assests:  the most important one being your heart.


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